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Be reassured that serving our Multinational clients is a top strategic priority for AIG, and we continue to invest in our best in class capabilities. AIG will continue to provide Commercial and Consumer services to our Multinational Clients through our preferred strategic network partner in Pakistan.
AIG carefully selects partners and they are vetted from a financial, legal and credit perspective to ensure we have the right partner to carry the business forward. Any network partner selected will have been fully vetted to ensure:

  • They have product capabilities;
  • They are financially sound;
  • They are in good standing with local regulators;
  • They are committed to superior service standards matching our own (guaranteed by service-level-agreements);
  • They cooperate with AIG on claims handling; and
  • They are reinsured by AIG

AIG is proud of our network of strategic partners. They offer our clients access the expertise of a local insurer, backed by the financial strength of AIG.