There are good reasons to consider Marine Cargo insurance from AIG

Emerging markets

As goods cross borders by land, air or sea keeping control becomes increasingly difficult. Globalisation has made trade with less developed countries a reality, where weaker logistics infrastructure and theft may pose threats to freight delivery.

Managing your risks

AIG provides a risk prevention service (known as Marine Loss Control Engineering) so our customers can rely on a specialised entity to monitor their risks and to work on reducing the potential for losses or damage.

Pragmatic and businesslike

AIG can combine technical efficiency with a pragmatic business approach, while employing our broad international network to ensure the best possible protection for our customers’ assets and their business reputation.

Maintaining expectations

Technological advances have created high expectations by customers in terms of manufacture and delivery. Supply chains need to be protected from disruption and the negative impacts on customer loyalty, company reputation and cash flow.

The full range of solutions

AIG offers freight insurance in all its forms: door to door, or warehouse to warehouse, by sea, land, air or rail and from raw material to finished product. We regularly cover infrastructure projects thousands of kilometres from our clients’ bases.

Our claims and service strength

AIG is committed to building strong, lasting relationships with clients. They can draw on the servicing and claims of our offices across the globe, including key emerging markets, to ensure a uniform and reliable experience.

eMarine Cargo

eMarine is a 24/7 ATM (Any Time Marine) solution which is a user-friendly Web based tool that makes Marine Cargo insurance with AIG a truly pleasurable experience.

AIG believes in empowering its clients and with this in mind has launched eMarine. eMarine or Electronic-Marine is an extremely user-friendly Web based tool that makes Marine Cargo insurance with AIG a truly pleasurable experience.

This facility has been introduced in a number of countries in the Middle East and South Asia after proving to be a resounding success in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China & Philippines.

  • The client can issue Marine Cargo insurance certificates anytime, anywhere, 24x7 - from the comfort of the client's office - All that is required is an Internet connection.
  • Any number of users in the client's organization, even from different locations, can use eMarine at the same time, with distinct user ids and passwords.
  • The certificates can be verified at various stages during issuance. Changes can be made then and there ensuring quality documentation.
  • As the records get updated simultaneously at our office too, there is no need to submit separate declarations/details of certificates issued - the client therefore saves precious time.
  • Where applicable, clients may maintain deposits for certificate issuance, balances can be viewed by the client at any point of time facilitating transparent accounting and timely replenishments.
  • A unique encryption code on every insurance certificate facilitates verification of its authenticity, by any third party, anywhere in the world, by simply visiting our website and entering the encryption details.
  • Absolutely Free. Being an added benefit we offer our clients, there is no fee charged for eMarine usage. Neither is there any need to install additional software. The only requirements are Internet connectivity and Acrobat Reader Version 5 and above.

While developing this unique tool, AIG has considered security as one of the most important factors to ensure problem-free, confident use by the client. The following features implemented in eMarine ensure that it is secure:

  • Data input and information access only by persons with an authorized user id and password, ensuring only trusted personnel have access to the client's shipment information.
  • The Server is maintained and monitored as per AIG's strict worldwide standards.

What is covered?

We have an extensive experience in dealing with a wide variety of goods including to the following Industries: Pharmaceutical

  • Chemical/Drugs
  • Leather
  • Bulk Oil
  • Fertilizer
  • Petrochemicals
  • Paints
  • Textile Machinery/Heavy Machinery
  • Telecommunication

We comprehensively cover movement of all kinds of raw material, finished goods and other items pertaining to the business of our insured under the Marine Inland Transit policies.

These policies have been designed to protect from loss or damage to the cargo during domestic transit, whether by Road/Rail or by Air.

We have a large worldwide network of settling agents to ensure that survey facilities are provided on time and claims are settled promptly on all marine export policies. The fact that we have offices in approx. 140 is itself a guarantee of prompt claims settlement:

Prompt Claims Settlement:  
Our technological advancements and global connectivity enables us to settle claims promptly in any part of the World.

Worldwide Recognition:
The United States, Europe and other developed market feel comfortable in knowing the AIG companies.

Unmatched Network:
Our worldwide setup allows us to look after your business, anywhere, anytime. At the same time providing you with the service you deserve.