Commercial Auto Fleet Liability

Commercial Automobile Insurance protects businesses financially from compensation claims from third parties as a result of a motor accident or from the theft of a vehicle.

Employers Liability

Employers liability coverage is necessary to protect employers against tort suits brought by injured employees who have rejected the compensation benefits under elective statutes, as well as suits brought by employees who are excluded from the acts by numerical or types-of-employment exemptions.

Workers Compensation

Workmen's Compensation insurance protects businesses against employee death, bodily injury and illness arising out of work related exposures in accordance with the local Laws.

Commercial General Liability

It is a combination of product liability insurance and public liability insurance. Retail stores outside Pakistan demands exporter for this cover. Some additional perils are also included to make this cover more attractive

Product Liability

Products liability is the legal responsibility of the manufacturer, distributor, or retailer to the user or consumer of a product